The starting point...
The base - vertical coils and all the glue removed showing just the ferrite former

Hand rewound.... with love ! 92 turns each side ( and that is TEDIOUS ).. anyone have a yoke winder I could use ??  

The yoke mounted in the monitor

Another shot of the yoke and the neckboard

Testing setup - original amplifone deflection, HV using KP-XX15 chassis

The HV supply & RGB amp for the neckboard

Overview of the test setup

First powerup - oops yoke inverted

Corrected and in play.. convergence is horrible bottom right.. The resolution of the tube isn't great. I'll try an SVGA tube in the future.
Also it probably needs focus adjusted and the brightness turned down. Then again... this photo's just kinda poor....

Now off to spend the rest of my natural life getting the thing converged(!)
Also in true vector game style the Space Duel decided to crap at right at this point so no more pics until I swap it out...

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