Xevious High-Score Saver


Xevious one of the first scrolling shooters, it shows it's age but there's enough of a fan base to keep this game popular.

The high-score-saver kit plugs into the main CPU socket, there are no modifications needed to the xevious CPU board. Only the ROM at location 1M may need to be removed as there isn't a lot of clearance underneath the high-score board when plugged in. If a 40pin DIP socket is used on the bottom of the plug-in and then plugged into the CPU socket, there should be enough clearance to just leave ROM 1M in place.

The install shown is for the Atari style boardset, there is also a Namco version, which I'll add install details for as well.

The kit saves the top 5 high scores and also allows for a Freeplay mode.  Additionally the kit will keep the attract mode running even when the game has credits.

The high-score table can be reset by following the on screen instructions when the game powered on in Test Mode.

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Locate the main CPU at location 1N  and ROM 1M.
Remove both !

 Note:  If you use a 40pin socket on the bottom of the plug in board, there is enough clearance to keep the ROM at 1M in place.


Step 2 


Plug in the the CPU from the main board into the high-score board

Note: the orientation of the CPU.  Pin 1 goes to the top left of the high-score board.


Step 3

Pluggin the board into the CPU socket location 1N


Step 4 - all done !

Fully Installed kit




Freeplay mode

For the new freeplay mode the dip switches located a 10D on the main board need to be set as shown in the picture below !
When set correctly the game will display "FREEPLAY" in the bottom right of the screen instead of "Credits"