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Finally a score saver for Mr.Do's Castle (!)  

To make life more interesting, as things can't be easy there are three different versions of the ROMset for Mr.Do's Castle. The patches for all 3 of them are provided. 
This is a pretty easy update, depending on your version just burn replacement ROMs for A1, location P1, and A4, location K1. Then add an NVRAM to the board at location E1. 

The downside is from looking at several Mr.Do's Castle they all have a soldered in SRAM. So some soldering to remove the RAM and add a socket is required.

Thanks go to John G (barakawins) for the prodding to get it done and testing.

Source Code

Click for the source and notes on patches here,  z80 source and notes for the updates.

Game Enhancements

  1. Save high-score ( isn't that enough ?)

Clearing the Scores

To clear the scores push and hold the joystick up during the power on test, at the end of the
test you'll be presented with a simple menu, follow the instructions on screen on how to clear or cancel.

Known issues



You will need, 1 x 24pin socket, 2 x 2764 EPROMs, 1 x DS1220  or M48Z02   2k x 8 battery backed SRAM.

See the board overview below for chip locations.

  1. Remove RAM at location E1, if not socketed then de-solder and put in a socket. Probably most boards are not socketed.
  2. Replace the RAM at location E1 with the non-volatile SRAM.
  3. Burn two new EPROMs using the images provided,  these replace the program ROMs at board locations P1 and K1.
  4. Power up the game and hey presto, high-scores are saved.


Board Overview

Modified Program ROMs

E1 must be replaced with a battery backed SRAM, outlined in red.
Version 'A' - "'set 1"HSS roms A1-A4 Replacement ROMs A1 & A4 set1
Version 'A'  - "set 2" HSS roms  A1-A4 Replacement ROMs A1 & A4 set 2
Version 'C'  "older" HSS roms  C1-C4 Replacement ROMs C1 & C4  'older'

Note: These are the program images only


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