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Mappy is one game that's never far from being plugged into one of my machines, simple gameplay with cute graphics make it great to play. It's also one game that both myself and my girlfriend play 'fairly' competetively :-)  So keeping a record of those scores is important, even almost all of them are hers.

All the Mappy boards I've checked, about 6, all have socketed RAM, which certainly makes things easier. Here again you need a 48Z02 or a DS1220AB. Two ROMs also need to be replaced.

There appear to be two version of the Mappy ROMset around, you can tell the version by the title screen that introduces the characters, "Mappy' as Micro-police and the big cat, "boss the big bit" ( weird name I know ), anyway how to tell the versions:

The big cat, "Boss the big bit" is called

Version 1:   GORO
Version 2:   NYAMCO

So if you have version 1, download the version 'Goro' ROMs and version 2 download the 'Nyamco' ROMs.
After playing both versions there doesnt actually seem to be any difference in gameplay.

Game Enhancements

1.    Save high-score

Known issues

1. None

Documentation of Modifications

Here is the breakdown of the code changes and the modifications to the stock ROM ( this is only for the Midway release ).

All code is limited to the power-on-reset and self-test. Once booted the high-score save changes have no impact on the gameplay.

View the modifications to the original code


The image below shows the location of the ROM and RAM to be changedmpy-brd.gif (3369 bytes)

You will need,  2 x 2764 EPROMs, 1 x DS1220AB static RAM  or M48Z02

  1. Remove RAM on the video board at location 2N.
  2. Replace the RAM at 2N with the non-volatile SRAM.
  3. Burn two new EPROMs for location 1B and 1D ( labelled Mappy1 & Mappy3 on my boards)
  4. Replace ROM 1B and 1D on the CPU board with the new ROMs.
  5. Power up the game and the high-scores are all zeroed to start with, plus they will not be lost after powerdown.

Download Modified Program ROMs

Mappy 'GORO' version ROMs - 1 & 3  Click to DOWNLOAD

Mappy 'NYAMCO' version ROMs - 1 & 3  Click to DOWNLOAD

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