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Bombjack is one of the real classics, I've spent a lot of time playing this game. But it was David Haynes who suggested adding it to the list ! Have a look at Dave's his website with the awesome domain name,

This hack is similar to Mr.Do in that a socket needs to be added if the RAM at a4 is not socketed. A local supplier had the ST equivalent to the Dallas part so I gave it a try, so I can also reccommend the M48Z02 as a substitute for the Dallas part ( but it was more expensive !).

Only one game ROM needs to be modified to save the high-score table.

Game Enhancements

1.    Save high-score

Known issues

1. None


The image below shows the location of the ROM and RAM to be changed

bjack-brd.gif (1787 bytes)


You will need, 1 x 24pin socket, 1 x 2764 EPROMs, 1 x DS1220AB static RAM  or M48Z02

  1. Remove RAM at location E1, if not socketed then de-solder and put in a socket.
  2. Replace the RAM at location E1 with the non-volatile SRAM.
  3. Burn the program ROM onto a new EPROMs using the image below and replace the ROM at J1. On my boardset J1 was labeled with a sticker saying '9'
  4. Power up the game and hey presto, high-scores are all zero to start with and will not be lost after powerdown.

Download Modified Program ROMs

Replacement ROM - J1  Click to DOWNLOAD

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