Modifying a GameVue Playstation Panel to Accept direct RGB Input

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Unmodified Panel

"GameVue by Rosen"


Back Removed

These are the important Connectors


Pinout for the power connector


Wired Power Connector ( +12v and GND to JAMMA connector )


Display and Control board opened out
LCD panel input connector


Input Connector Close up + pinout




Bottom on PCB & LCD control board

There was a ribbon connector between the top size of the main PCB and the control PCB for the LCD. 
This was removed and pin 1,2, 12 & 13 wired to the directly to the connector on the control PCB


LCD controller wired up


Hooked up to a JAMMA board



Some gameboards tested have suffered from a 'washed out' image caused by the RGB levels from the board being too high.

A simple fix is show in the diagram,  tie the RGB inputs to ground via 75ohm resistors, this will result in having to adjust the brightness control for some games. Results will vary but this seemed to provide a good compromise across different boardsets.

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