Bosconian/Xevious/Pole Position Custom IC 03 

This part of the scrolling circuit used on Bosconian, Pole Position and Xevious. It's basically 
an 3 x 6 bit register that allows 6 bits of data to be written out after a certain number of clock 
pulses have passed. This can be on either the rising or falling edge of the input clock. Shifting 
is set by 3 'shift' control inputs. When not shifting it just passes data through transparently.

First pics of the replacement board running on a Midway Bosconian an Atari Xevious.

The Carrier Board - needed as they are an 18pin chip, and my standard carrier is 28pin (!)

CUS03 18pin to 28pin Carrier board

Bosconian - plenty of room to fit the carrier boards

CUS03 in  Midway Bosconian

Xevious - bit of a tight fit as the two original chips are very close together (!)

CUS03 in an Atari  Xevious

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