Mini RGB to NTSC Video Encoder / TV Converter

RGB to NTSC Video Encoders are available and shipping
Click here for more pics of the V4.1 Component Video Encoder



Gold plated panel mount phono's are available again ! These are, in-my-opinion, about the best, most rugged connectors you could wish for.
The colors available are red, green, blue, yellow and white Panel Mount RCA Phono connectors

Wiring diagrams Wiring, Pinout Diagram and mounting templates
This also includes the details of the panel mount phono's and s-video connectors.

Added Gator'cade in Florida as an international reseller.

Both encoders are available without the on-board phono jacks and s-video mini-din to aid in panel mounting the video connections.

Previous Updates

Component Encoder Component Video Encoder
The 2006 v4.x component encoders are in stock and shipping (!)
Also the component only encoder is available.

RGB to PAL video encoders are now available !

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Current Version

V3.1 - Video & S-Video Encoder
V4.1 - Video, S-Video and Component Video Encoder

    RGB to Component Video, Composite Video & S-Video Encoder ( v4.x )


   RGB to Composite Video & S-Video Encoder ( v3.x )

This is a ready assembled unit
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Please Note: The board is available directly from me for shipping only in the USA and Canada

For sales outside the USA and Canada, including the PAL version
please contact an international reseller
Arcadeshop Amusements

Circuit diagrams/Schematics and parts lists are NOT available.

Encoders are in stock & Shipping

Here's another link to the FAQ  RGB Video Encoder FAQ

What does it do ?

This unit will convert the Red, Green and Blue video signals coming out of a video game and convert it into the composite NTSC video, or S-Video, output.

It allows you to plug a Video arcade game board into a regular TV receiver that accepts video, or S-Video input, in the NTSC encoding format.

This board ONLY works with standard resolution arcade boardsets ( 15kHz horizontal line frequency ) 

it is NOT designed for medium resolution games
or for VGA cards.

Read the FAQ here

Who is it for ?

This board is aimed at the arcade hobbyist and home enthusiast, it is NOT designed for industrial, automotive,  medical or any use outside the home. It's designed as a tool for other arcade hardware fanatics.

This unit is  not  recommend to anyone who is inexperienced with the hook up and wiring of arcade games. It's extremely easy to make mis-connections and destroy the arcade board, the converter, the TV and the power supply.

It is ideal for connecting standard resolution JAMMA arcade games to a TV.

Technical Details

 Red, Green, Blue video approx. 1volt p-p.
 Negative Composite Sync

 5v regulated DC @ 180mA
 - normally using the same supply as the game board.

 NTSC Composite Video ( RCA Phono Plug )
 S-Video ( Standard 4pin S-Video )

 RGB input level controls -
 For matching RGB input levels to video  game boards 
 with high outputs.

Wiring Diagrams & Mounting Templates

Wiring diagrams for all the boards including dimensions, also the panel mount connector specifications. 

Wiring Diagrams for v3.x and v4.x Encoders & Templates

Example JAMMA Wiring Diagram JAMMA_hookup

What you get

V3.1 Encoder

  • RGB to NTSC encoder board, with dual S-Video and Composite video outputs

  • 2 pin - 5v power lead 

  • 6 pin - RGB + Sync input lead

V4.1 Encoder

  • RGB to Component, Video & S-video encoder board

  • 2 pin - 5v power lead 

  • 6 pin - RGB + Sync input lead

  • 4 pin - Video & S-Video output lead

  • 4 pin - Component Video output lead