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For free distribution the archives of these games MUST NOT be modified in ANY way.

You are free to host these files on your website PROVIDED you include a link back to this page.

These games MUST NOT be included in ANY kind of self-extracting installer or archiver. 

These games can only be distributed for NON-PROFIT purposes. This specifically excludes any and ALL embedded advertising, banners, linking or any other activity which results in commercial gain.

This means NO SALES and NO AUCTIONS of this software.  


As a few folks have asked about it, I'll just point out that these games are NOT emulations using the original game code, they were coded and debugged from the ground up.

Given the time, I want to convert the games to run under windows & direct-X, it's about time an update was done, as their getting a bit old. But.. as time always seems to be my enemy dont hold your breath for them.

Background info

I'd never come across a really good conversion of the arcade Pac for any computer system, apart from Jelly Monsters on the Vic-20, so after thinking about it for a long time I hacked together a version of infamous yellow dot muncher called PacPc, it was pretty damn cheesy not a very acturate conversion but fun and playable. About the same time as I completed this game, in 1995, I bought my first arcade machine which, by conicidence, was a fullsize MsPac. This spurred me on to write a much more faithful conversion, and so MsPacPc was created. After some amazing work from the Beta testers we got it about as accurate as we could without actually emulating the original game.   PC*Bert was another classic I though could benefit from a PC version, this took a lot longer to write as everything else I was doing at the time took priority. Still they're all completed and available for you to play and enjoy for FREE, they are complete Freeware !!

Coding Info

These games were coded in Borland C++, with assembler used for the routines requiring most speed ( sprite & character drawing routines, audio mixing ).


Free Games !!

v1.02B MsPacPc, she has four different mazes to complete, all the same fun.

Cick Here To Download ( 660 Kbytes ).


PacPc the arcade classic, eat the dots and avoid the ghosts.

Cick Here To Download ( 200 Kbytes).


QBert Marque The PC*Bert Page

Click here for Screen Shots & the Download Pagel

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Version Info

PacPc v2.0

This a major upgrade to the 1.0 release, which was pretty crap to be honest.

The new version has a look more like MsPacPc

  • Large screen area, a custom full screen mode of play.
  • Better graphics, for everything
  • Sound samples of 16kHz
  • Ghost movement closer to original game
  • All the intermissions, all the fruit, all the sounds
  • Much improved joystick support


MsPacPc v1.02

This was a bug release update to MsPacPc, there were a few bugs that needed to be addressed.

  • Sound card detect would sometimes fail, if you started the game in a DOS box under windows/windows 95.
  • Joystick control was re-written to make it easier to control, plus easier calibration for game pads was added.
  • Joystick sensitivity can be controlled as an option.
  • Demo-mode sound can be turned on and off.
  • Some game colours were just off.
PC*Bert v1.01

This was a minor update to PC*bert 1.0.

  • The joystick now works in the high-score table

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