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The JAS-system 1 page.

Welcome ! This will be where I'll post update and information on my Namco system 1 emulator.


Beta 1.2 Released !

Beta 1.2 is now ready for download, PLEASE delete the older version. The .CFG files and any .SAV files. The format of the save file has been shrunk and is no-longer compatible.

What is Namco System 1 ?

The Namco system 1 boardset appeared around 1986 and supported some real classic games, such as Pacmania, Galaga'88, Dragon Spirit and SplatterHouse.

In my opinion this hardware is the pinnacle of 8bit board design. Featuring a total of THREE 6809 cpu's and a 63701 micro-controller. Video hardware was equally as cool with a 6 layer screen, 4 of which featured hardware scrolling, each layer could display 256 colours with a programmable 24bit palette - allowing for upto 16million colors. Basically 'kick-ass' by any standards.

The sound system used one of the CPUs, and the micro-controller for sampled waveform playback, it also had stereo sound provided by two Namco 8 channel custom sound chips and the excellent Yamaha YM2151 FM synth.


Here's a links to the JAS-SYS1.TXT instruction file. All questions about running the emulator should be in here. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT BEFORE EMAILING ME QUESTIONS !


Download  JAS - System 1 - Public BETA release
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Beta 1.2


This emulator is supplied 'as-is' it has no warranty, JROK accepts no responsibilities for it's use or distribution, it is intended as purely an educational tool by owners of the original game boards and/or the ROMs sets. This program is supplied as freeware NO CHARGE should be made for it's distribution, it should not be sold or paid for in ANY way shape or form. All emulated material is copyright to their respective owners.

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